King of Peace’s Congregational Care Team adds to the compassion and vibrancy of our church community. This ministry extends pastoral care to those in need through care cards, home/hospital visits, and other services.

Specifically, the team is available for:

  • Visitation in hospitals, nursing facilities, and homes
  • Listening: Providing a non-judgmental and confidential ear
  • Home/hospital Communion and prayer
  • Anointing the sick
  • Sending care cards to those in need or to celebrate life occasions
  • Friendly phone calls

Confidentiality and discretion are cornerstones of our ministry. It’s absolutely essential for building safe, healing, and caring relationships. What is said to a Congregational Care Team member is kept in strictest confidence. Health care regulations (HIPPA) provide safeguards for this information that only will be shared if permission is granted.